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Who We Are

BGC is a family-owned food company located on fertile lands of Turkish Aegean region.Established in 2009, BGC stands on a 30 years of family tradition in agricultural sector. As a result, BGC can provide the best quality and food safety for its sun and oven dried tomatoes. Along with its strong traditional values BGC generates more than half of its revenues from international sales. It represents Mediterranean fine food tradition in Europe, Northern America, Australia and Middle Eastern markets with its only brand “Galen” which is derived from the Emperor of the Doctors “Galenos” as a reference to its all healthy contents.


"Galen" is the brand of BGC Agriculture and Food Ltd with the aim of carrying Aegean’s unique flavors.

Galen is described “trustworthy” by consumers. This is the most important feature of Galen like its name father; Galenos of Pergamon who was known as the “Emperor of Doctors” in the Roman Empire.

Our aim is making Galen products not only delicious; but healthy!