Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to BGC. For this reason, we have created a Privacy Policy for your information that we collect, use, disclose, transmit, and keep.
Collecting and Using Personal Information
Personal information refers to data that can be used to identify or communicate with a person.
You may be asked to provide personal information while you are in contact with BGC. The BGC may share, process and use this personal information in accordance with the Ppt Privacy Policy. The BGC may combine this information with other information to prepare and improve its products, services, content, and advertisements.
Information (such as credit card information) that you enter into my website or otherwise give to my website is stored.
• Name surname
• Post adress
• E-mail address
• Phone number
This information may also include information about other people, such as the name and address of the person to whom the order will be delivered.
You will never be asked for your password, username, credit card information or other personal information by email. This application, called "phishing," is a trick to steal your personal information. If you receive a message that appears to come from us, but requires your personal information, you should not respond.
Privacy Questions
If you have any questions or concerns regarding BGC's Privacy Policy or information processing, please contact us. BGC may update this Privacy Policy from time to time.