About Us

BGC Tarım ve Gıda produces sun-dried tomatoes and oven-dried tomatoes with its state-of-the-art seedling greenhouse, production area and cold storage built on an area of ​​32.000m2. A full traceability is ensured from the selection of the seed to be planted in the field to the final product; The birth and growth journey of the product is controlled by the experts of the business at every stage. The tomato seedlings that we grow in our greenhouses in a controlled manner are distributed to our farmers on a contractual basis. Tomatoes, which are carefully grown by veteran Bergama farmers, are brought to the drying areas after they are ripe. The tomatoes cut by the workers in the drying areas located on the fertile lands of Bakırçay are pre-treated with salt or sodium metabisulfite according to the customer's preference, and then left to dry under the hot Aegean Sun for 5-7 days in a controlled manner. Dried tomatoes are brought to our factory from the drying areas, stored and processed in warehouses at +4°C. This rigorous operation is compliant with BSCI Standards and documented by ISO 22000, A Grade BRC and High Grade IFS Certifications. Also, the business has an FDA Registration.